Software and system software. Applications software consists of one or more programs designed to do a job that may have traditionally been carried out manually, without a computer (such as calculate a payroll, control stock, reserve an airline ticket, or teach student mathematics)

Systems software is designed to control the operation and efficiency of the computer itself. For now, it concentrates on applications.



Software problem-solving is the most important aspect of writing programs. It is a lot more than simply writing a list of instructions.

To produce a program to solve a problem, the programmer must be fully aware of the requirements of the problems and then organise and develop the solution.

It’s crucial that the programmer spends some time thinking carefully about the problem and ensure its fully developed before attempting to code a solution to it.

The same is true of the computer and the programmer – the programmer is the architect, analysing the problem (i.e. the requirements of the building) and then designing a solution to the problem (the building plans) the builders role is analogous than to the computer, performing the tasks that the architect’s plans require.



Software Data is a set of values of subjects concerning qualitative or quantitative variables. Data and information or knowledge is interchangeable; however, data becomes information when it is viewed in context or post-analysis


Software and designs pictures below



Front end design

This design or development is a Database.

with Trademarks and Copyright to this programme

The rest would need to enter a password to access the other menus

pressing the sliver button to continue

Company Colours



Menu 1

This design is to get as much information as needed to continue along with the menus by pressing the buttons like, save, continue, or clear only,

Text boxes and switches and buttons can be Identified in the design

Company Colours



menu 2

This design is just data protection information.

Name,Address,Telephone number ,Email

and do you agree to your information been stored?

buttons and text boxes, back, continue, save, clear dials and menus only

Company Colours



A first base system is just a computerized record-keeping system.

The database itself can be regarded as a kind of electronic filing cabinet; i.e. it is a repository or container for a collection of electronic data files. A database can also be defined as a collection of non-redundant data shareable between different applications



The most important advantage of .net is that it has been designed to make you even more productive in your daily development work- especially if you need to use information in a database or create solutions for the internet – but an important additional benefit is that once you become comfortable with the development environment in VB.NET you can use the same tools to write programs in C++, C# or even J#, and other third –party tools and compilers.

Web applications


ASP.NET and indeed, the framework are programming languages independent.

You can choose any language that has implemented a CLR-compliant compiler.

In additions to developing its programming languages, Microsoft has formed partnerships with many languages vendors to provide .net support for Perl, Pascal, Eiffel, COBOL, Python, Small talk, and other programming languages

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